"Combination of My little pony and classical role playing game."

MLP RPG part two is coming soon!! Visit MLP RPG Part two page for more info! - Note: Defeat V3.0 of MLP RPG P1 will qualify your acocunt to be MLP RPG P2 returning player!

Part one trailer (click me)           Part one fan trailer (click me)


Game Information:

This game is based upon unique storyline customized from the cartoon series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” but at the same time for those players who haven’t watched the series yet, they can still follow up to the story without any trouble. The game features epic classical RPG experience as well, that means if you love MLP and as well as drilling experience of classical RPG games everything would work out for you. Game will have over 10 unique classes, over 200 unique skills, unique transportation system (Teleport scrolls, all ponies can fly on high level), unique monsters (Randomized), epic bosses, customized characters,infinite/unlimited weapon/armor possibilities, crafting, mining, fishing, farming, house construction, player housing, achievements, and many more! This game is one of the few RPG out there that have such unique functions.
The game will be featuring After-Game-Completion contents. You will be able to unlock the two extra ponies that you don’t have a chance to play with. One more town map with bosses that is nearly impossible to defeat. But that is not possible until part 2.

Game will be available only for the PC users; unless RPG Maker VX Ace will have its cross-platform functionalities.
Date of release: Section one is already released on 8-8-2012. Section two will be released once I feel like the game is commercial grade.

System requirements:

We only tested and it works on windows 8, 7 and on iphone using remote desktop.

RAM: You need at least 64GB of DDR 3 RAM speed rate must be 2133 MHz+.

CPU: Intel i7-3970X Extreme Edition Six-Core CPU overclocked to 4.0 GHz (without Turbo) on a dual CPU motherboard.

Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 680 or above with at least 3GB of GDDR 5 graphics RAM each with Quadruple SLI in order to handle our game graphics.

Sound card: Creative Sound Blaster Z 5.1 sound card would allow you to hear the epic sound FX the game provides.

Storage: SSD SATA III with at leat 240GB of space.

Internet connection: Try T1 dedicated lines or Google Fiber.

Cooling method: Try liquid nitrogen. This game is going to burn your PC like wild fire.

We aren't responsible if your PC explodes.

Gameplay difficulties:

Normal - No buff or any penalty.
Hard – 20% DEF, MDEF, HP decrease. Double coin buff. 10% atk drop, no drop in Matk
Extreme – 50% DEF, MDEF, HP decrease. Double coin/drop buff. 20% atk drop, no drop in Matk
Hardcore – 80% DEF, MDEF, HP decrease. Double coin/drop/exp buff. 30% atk drop, no drop in Matk

Pony character traits (in general):

Twilight (Main Character) – She can be good at every single class.
Fluttershy (Healer) – She is responsible for healing in battles.
Applejack (DPS) – High damage dealer.
Rainbow Dash (DPS) – High damage dealer.
Rarity (Support) – Provide other characters with different kind of buff.
Pinkie Pie (???) - ?????????????????????????????????????

1% of the Game Storyline (Updated to part 2):
It all started from the dragon’s disappearance from Equestria. Since ponies don’t know much about the dragons, Twilight and her friends will have to find out about what is going on from scratch.
The puzzle about what happened to the dragons was incomplete; Twilight had no idea what is the enemy nor what they are trying to accomplish, it seems the ponies are fighting an unknown enemy.
People calls the enemy the “Destroyers”, but that is just a undefined term for the unknown because there aren’t many book or anyone who made it out alive from the destruction of the unknown to tell us what they are. Could the “unknown” be a pony? A man? A group of people? The ultimate question is…. Who is the “unknown”, and what is it trying to do?
The storyline is based around a new research topic: Parallel philosophy. A theoretical philosophy concept, that generates concepts that parallels to the given “variable”, the naming came from parallel universe because I am bad at naming stuff; another more simpler words: The game storyline’s meaning will vary upon different players. When a player does something in the game, he/she will be given a specific “variable”, by the time game ends, that whole variable collection will form up to a concept in which defines the “unknown” in the game. Also, “variable” can be summarized to information if you are confused with that term. (This philosophy was used unintentionally by many games, but the true force of this philosophy will be shown in MLP RPG)

Storyline will be taken in both world between Equestria and Earth.

Also, the plot itself might seem boring and made for 7 years old? Trust me, the game contains manliest plot you can ever see in RPG history. Uhh.... Yea..... :D

Game controls:

Arrow keys = movement

space/enter bar = confirm

shift = fast walk (Dash)

F1 = Game settings (Mute sound, fullscreen, etc.)

F2= Show FPS

Esc key = menu

W = pet menu.

Game Future contents (Vision of this game):

When it comes to future contents, it would all comes down to the fans, the more downloads, the more reviews, the more view it gets, the more content game adds. The truth right now is I am lacking both game developers and fans. Most of my game developers working on this project left due to university and my trailer video only gotten 500 views; which is really horrible. My strength is limited and I also have other important tasks to do as well.
So few things I like to point out personally:

  1. I will continue working on this project as long as Hasbro still making my little pony cartoon. It is due to self-interest, educational. Just progress will be slow on my own. I guess? I guess I am not slow in reality.
  2. I suck at drawing. That is why I am asking the fans to draw for me. Current game graphic is made from default package given….. Characters is made by the fans and edited by me to put in game. All MLP related music in game is also made by the fans that I am using as background music in my game.
  3. Don’t troll unless you make a RPG game better than my current game. I don’t care if there is other pony RPG games already made or you hate RPG maker. I have my own vision with this game given that I played over 20 different titled RPG games, 95% of this game as for 7-31-2012 and prior contents is made by one person and that’s me. Finally I am new to RPG maker as well (this is my first RPG maker project), I could use other engines but would it make sense to see ponies with a gun? I like FPS but it wouldn’t fit the plot of MLP by killing.  Ponies with solving puzzles? There are too much puzzle flash games already. Ponies fighting? Go mod street fighter if you want. Racing, action, etc. doesn’t look very promising because it would be way too off topic from MLP.
  4. Don’t get disappointed at current development of MLP RPG. Why? Equestria maps will be released making the crossover between the line earth and Equestria clear (I do understand the confusion), much better monster selection as MLP cartoon continues because current season 1 and 2 doesn’t provide much of ideas for monsters. After all you are looking at about over 20 hours of unique plot gameplay, 100% free at no other costs, etc.
  5. I am a brony under definition of it: A name typically given to the male viewers/fans (whether they are straight, gay, bisexual, etc.) of the My Little Pony show or franchise. They typically do not give in to the hype that males aren't allowed to enjoy things that may be intended for females (from urban dictionary) because I am a viewer. PS: I personally dislike whoever made that racist (based on sexual) comment which things should be feminine or which should be manly, they certainly doesn’t know much of life or modern philosophy. People do things based on their interest, not whoever think it is gay.. I am not going into philosophy talk here (but if you are interested feel free to drop by at educational section). The point is I do not consider myself as brony because I personally don’t really like the plot as most bronies does. I watch the cartoon because of its characters (yes, I do find magic ponies creative/hilarious in the field of animation) and its animation quality/style. MLP fan’s raise killed few existing flawed philosophy such as the stereotyping difference based on sex is the biggest reason I support bronies and MLP ( it will be used as a topic within my value system). Secondly, MLP fan based art, music is unique and creative. I have seen many anime, cartoons; none of them is worse than MLP but they don’t have a huge fan base like MLP.
  6. I clop to G1 ponies and having autism while making this game (for 4chan community). MUHAHHAHAHAHAHA. No.*This section was edited because people are too picky on my words when I personally give too less shit about it* If you want to challenge debate with me, feel free to do so; I am very good at it :)
  7. The reason I choose to develop this RPG based on MLP compare to other plots is simple. I have been thinking about it; comparing to two other plots with this one. But I found MLP fan based art, music would increase the efficiency of game development since they are already made, they are like puzzle pieces all I had to do is to organize them. Fan is the key point for this.
  8. English is obviously not my first language. And since I spend way too much time on philosophy and defining my own way of English in a unique style for philosophy accuracy and personal understanding…. my English can be hard to understand sometimes… It is up for you guys to point out grammar and spelling issues. Mainly grammar issue, as spelling issue is something 99.9% of the time is typo.

Something to share:

MLP RPG is always in competition with other similar RPG games because I love competitions. And I hate to lose, also, I rarely lose. I choose classical RPG simply because I knew it is something I can master fast without too much of working because I have other more important things to do as well. I stood away from intensely 3D dependent games especially for a fan game because it is too costly both software wise and also lacking graphical library and my time; and yes, it could take weeks just to get one 3D model to look natural and I don’t want to make this a crazy serious game development project. Do you guys want a game that spends years to develop then end up getting ass fucked by full founded commercial grade games both gameplay and also graphical? You are talking about hundreds of experienced programmers and artists wiping ass all the way.
So here I am, bringing you MLP RPG. One of the most unique RPG games featuring hybrid concept from multiple games and features unique concepts of its own.

Also, it is a reminder that MLP RPG is a concept show case for gaming design; concepts in the game aren't mastered to be taken as final product.


There are few competition aspects of MLP RPG that is designed ONLY AND ONLY for MLP RPG. Feel free to competition with us!

  1. Unique game compression – CRPT version 2. Making it nearly impossible to steal essential content from our game. While other way around, your default encrypted game file can be cracked by us within clicks.
  2. Infinite amount of weapon/armor customization/possibilities.
  3. 100% fully customized weapon/armor creation! + Linkage with multiplayer database
  4. 400 skills. 200 Unique skills included. It means 200 unique skill animations that you won't be able to see in other RPG games.
  5. Multiplayer aspects. Real time ranking/high score.
  6. 640x480 resolution! Script GUI customization.
  7. 130 + scripts count! While no other game ever reach 50 scripts. Comparison? Well, most of the flash games you play have only about 30 scripts. Each script range from one to few hundreds lines of code. MLP RPG? You are looking at each script at round few thousands lines of code. Of course, this is community effort, but modification process of 130 + script by going thru all of the lines is just pure fun.
  8. House construction concept. It is harder than you think. (The only RPG game with this function)
  9. One man army – 95% of the game content is developed by one person (website, customized scripts, graphics, videos, gameplay, game function, game concepts, uhhh…. Too many to be listed). The game doesn't have to be one man army of course, but it end up to be this way simply I found working in groups slow progress down..... well, most of the time. This is why the game updates so quickly as well.
  10. Updates! Catch up with us!


Some Screenshoot of the game (very outdated):