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One of the largest modern philosophy research branch in the world.

One goal. Three Branches. Five years. Ten research thesis. Fifty research papers. Four hundred pages of public document. Three thousand pages of research documents. Thirty-two thousand files. Not including archieve compressed files.

Sections (Online website):

1. Public section - All public pages that can be linked layer down from the index page. Includes: Gaming section (public), public research releases, account management system, etc.

2. Archieve section - Databases of stored data. Used for data mining operations, research archieve, source archieve.

3. Private section - Sub sites, experimental implementations, public section management backbone.


Sections (Server):

1. Public server - Hosts our gaming server, processing units, etc.

2. Private server - Multipurposed.

3. Research server - Temporary cloud servers. Data theory simulation, pattern analysis, interpretation, reverse simulation, repeat.

Everything on our website will be slowly released to public overtime.