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mainly focuses in the European
The Japanese fashion label has been no stranger on the NMD silhouette during the last couple of several years, and now his or her latest offerings come in the form of the Adidas gazelle mens NMD Piste and NMD R2 (there's as well a Stan Cruz Velcro) in 2 colorways each, utilizing recognizable aesthetic that also includes repeating branding along with modified paneling.

Adidas mainly focuses in the European market even though it is known in other parts of the world, which is because of its collaboration with soccer events all over the world and football associations with bodies such as FIFA, UEFA, leagues, clubs and individual players. It should also ensure that it differentiates consumers' buying behaviors as it differs in different regions and countries and understanding this will be an added advantage to Adidas.

Last month, the Adidas NMD_R1 was featured in four "Camo" colorways in an overseas exclusive, but now the quartet is arriving stateside for a release later this month. The head-turning colorways feature ambiguous camouflage patterns atop the knit slip-on upper ranging from a white and grey, pink, royal blue, and olive and black combination.

Adidas Trexis were produced in 6 colourways for this special event, one colour each for Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, with the blue version produced Adidas originals shoes as an exclusive 10". I'm currently sporting plain white velcro fastening with blue soles. But I got some lace up yellow soles. Due a new pair soon tho and these might just be the ones. Nope.

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