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Parrot owners are very concerned about their bird
Parrot owners are very concerned about their birds so they carefully choose their water to be clean, they look after their parrots diet &automotive fasteners suppliers1086;r they try to find the best available toys in the market. But they should not automotive fasteners suppliers forget one also very important thing which they may overlook. These important things are their perches. In the market you can find perches made of cold, smooth, hard wood  which is extremely difficult for the parrots to grasp so they could be the reason for foot cramping or beak injuries because birds also want to chew the perch. What other alternatives do they have?

The best is undoubtedly Bella Birdco Bottlebrush Play Gyms and Perches!

Bottlebrush is made of comfortable wood which # is soft outside and hard inside so there is no risk for your bird to injure its feet or beak. This type of wood is perfect for gnawing or chewing, these two very important procedures for your bird to be healthy.

There are a lot of benefits which Bella Birdco Bottlebrush Play Gyms and Perches   have. They are designed to be comfortable for your parrots inside and outside the cage, as parrots spend whole day on their feet and they should feel very well on their perches. Bella Birdco has built thousands and thousands of floor gyms, bolt- on Bird Cage Bottlebrush Perches and Hanging Bird Gyms.

What makes Bottlebrush stuff so great?

 If you want to see the advantages of Bottlebrush stands for your parrot , first you should understand the disadvantages of the other types of wood which you can find on the market . The most popular is Manzanita which grows abundantly in desert areas of Nevada. Nevertheless it looks beautiful and hard it is slippery for the birds and they cant hold on it. Some producers have tried to sort this out by sand blasting for rough texture and clean look so parrots can grip easily.
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